Is God happy? What a profound question I am asking? Certainly, your answer will be yes, why not, given you believe in God! If you don’t believe in God, this is not the place for you to be. Look away, as this is merely a philosophical debate. But for the believers, the presumption is that God is omnipresent, He knows everything and we believe that He is monitoring our every activity. But is He really happy when there are so much pain and suffering in this materialistic world? We regard Him as our father, father of every human

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The image was taken by the author during a Hindu festival of Durga Puja

being, not only human beings but also every living creature. So when we do good, He becomes happy, but are we the only ones who are His sons? There are people involved in diabolical activities that we regard as anti-social. Is God happy with their activities? Can we say for sure? Further, He is the creator of this universe, He is a divine Being. A divine Being is above all earthly emotions. Then isn’t happiness an emotion? As God has made emotions, he must be above earthly emotions. Is this the reason, He doesn’t feel so much pain, so much suffering prevailing all over the world? Why doesn’t He do anything to absolve the world from pure sin and guilt? Why is He deaf and mute?

Whatsoever be the case, it is certain that God is not happy, that’s what I have concluded !!!

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Pursuing Ph.D, Electrical Engg | Lecturer in Engineering | Intelligent Transportation & Quantum Science Researcher |

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