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Rahul Bhadani
Pursuing Ph.D., Electrical Engineering | Intelligent Transportation & Quantum Science Researcher |

MAML is a class of meta-learning algorithms

Picture by the Author
  1. Intensive training is required
  2. Labeled data for some problems may be limited
  3. The performance of the network may be sensitive to the choice of hyperparameters
  1. Dynamic…

Image by the author. Z = Y⁶— X⁶

Basic Requirements

Data Science, Data Visualization, Statistics

Just a few lines of code to find a maximum correlation between two timeseries by retrieving appropriate time-shift

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A Tutorial on using SLURM for job submissions to High-Performance Clusters

Image created by the author using a MATLAB script
  1. It allocates access to resources to users for some duration of time so they can execute their computational jobs.
  2. It provides a framework…

A Short Tutorial on using HPC for meeting your computing needs in R

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How to use R Markdown to integrate Python and Bash commands with LaTeX Doc generation

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How to choose the right SPACs for your investment.

Screenshots from the Apple Stocks app: Image by the Author

How to choose the right SPACs

Greener Companies are Flourishing — led by China, and Young Investors

Graph of iShares Global Clean Energy ETF in 2020. Source: Google Finance

The picture was taken by the author in Montreal, Canada in April 2019

Picture taken by the author on January 13, 2021

What song would you sing to fight on?

Rahul Bhadani

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